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2015 Winter Course Guide

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Family Art Night | Snowmen & Sleigh Rides | Friday, Jan. 16 | 5:30 - 8pm

Enjoy a fun evening out with family as you learn to build this adorable snowman step-by-step with guidance from our instructor. During the evening, we will also be giving sleigh-rides with Nick the horse, so bundle up and bring a warm coat! Snowmen will be glazed and left at the art center to be fired in our kiln.  Projects will be ready for pick up in 2-3 weeks. Spaces are limited and fill fast. Registering early is encouraged!   

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Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper is the Education Coordinator at the MAC and teaches many of the specialty children’s classes such as homeschool art, mommy and me, Girl Scout workshops, clay workshops and coordinates school field trips. She earned her Bachelors of Education degree with a minor in Photography from The University of Toledo in 2006 and is certified to teach Visual Arts PK-12.  On her own time, Mary is fascinated by the technical nature of photography and being able to capture fleeting moments in peoples’ lives. She enjoys being behind her camera and photographing weddings, engagement sessions, family portraits and more. She has also been a vendor at the Ashland Fall Festival for the Arts in addition to being part of the Etsy community where she enjoys selling her personalized “keepsakes”.

George Whitten

George Whitten has been a studio artist and educator since earning a master of fine arts degree at Wichita State University in 1974.  He is the Director of the Boston Mills Artfest and has a bachelor of fine arts degree from Florida Atlantic University.  For 35 years, he has been exhibiting abstract paintings, Raku pottery and sculpture.  

In addition to national and international exhibits of his work, his pieces are part of the fine art collections at numerous museums, art schools, universities and corporations across the United States. His work has been featured in dozens of professional journals, popular publications, and film documentaries

Jerry Francl Sr.

My education is in electrical Engineering (Purdue) followed by 5 years in local industries and 40 years of teaching engineering technology, industrial controls and robotics at NCTC/NCSC. My interest at present is teaching young people (and the young-at-heart) about using a computer as a tool to create digital media art (stories, animation, games and simulations) using the Scratch programming language. I also teach how to construct 3D, interactive environments using sensors and actuators connected to a programmed Arduino board using the Scratch for Arduino (S4A) programming language.

I've been a member of the Mansfield Art Center since the early 1970's. Some of my other interests are photography (since 1967), and collecting antique cameras and photographs, I read a lot and have a passion for history, especially Roman. Having cast off television I watch , art films, foreign language films, noire films, sci-fi from the 1950's, Godzilla, and Charlie Chan. I tend to be skeptical of any film that is not black and white.

A member of the Planetary Society, I anticipate landing on a comet this fall, seeing Pluto close-up in next year, and hope my granddaughter gets to take her trip to go to the moon. Me, I'm holding out for Mars.

Irene Maginniss

Inspired by the world around her, Maginniss loves travel and exploring near and far, most recently visiting Africa and Costa Rica. Photography continues to play a part in recording memories as well as occasional inclusions in artwork in the form of image transfers.  Since her retirement from public school teaching, she has begun an intensive exploration in fusing glass as she expands her opportunities to create and express ideas through new materials and processes. A graduate of The Ohio State University, Maginniss has had additional coursework at Miami & Ashland Universities, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, and she continues to study and expand her knowledge and interest in surface design.  She has exhibited extensively throughout the United States in national and invitational shows, festivals and galleries. Maginniss has taught and lead workshops, has been an Artist in Residence in the schools, and taught art at all levels.  She continues to be an advocate of the arts for people of all ages and cultures. 

Emily Solon

Emily Solon is in her fourth year as a fine arts major focusing in drawing and painting at The Ohio State University. She intends to go to grad school after finishing her BFA in order to teach the arts at a college level. Emily has won numerous awards for her art such as OSU-Mansfield's 2013 Student Art Exhibition award, the Marion B. Goodman Scholarship for the arts, OSU-Mansfield's 2014 Art, Music, and Theater Book Award, as well as an award for Outstanding Student Scholarship in the OSU-Mansfield Undergraduate Research Forum. Emily enjoys exploring a variety of art forms through drawing, painting, sculpting, and digital media.

Cameron Sharp

Cameron Sharp is an artist, educator, and advocate for individuals with disabilities.  Originally from Columbus, Ohio, he received his bachelor of fine arts degree with a concentration in photography from The Ohio State University.  He has worked closely with artists with developmental disabilities through organizations such as VSA Ohio (Very Special Artists); the Dublin Arts Council in Dublin, Ohio; and Element of Art Studio/Gallery in Mansfield, Ohio.  Sharp currently teaches children with autism.  An active participant in Ohio’s art scene, he recently displayed his creative work in solo exhibitions at the Coburn Art Gallery at Ashland University and Roy G Biv Gallery for Emerging Artists in Columbus, Ohio.  Sharp’s artwork examines issues of memory, time, family, and space as springboards to approach greater interpersonal relationships.

Heidi Wyrick

Over the last 3 years, Heidi has developed into an extremely passionate polymer clay artist.  She teaches polymer clay classes for adults and children at the MAC as well as in her large home based studio that she shares with her wonderful husband Chuck and their dog Milo in Ontario, Ohio.  She creates Polymer Clay jewelry,  pens, pencils, razors, tooth-brushes, makeup mirrors, bowls and wine stoppers just to name a few.   Because of polymer clays versatility, it can beautifully mimic most of natures wonderful elements such as pearl, jade, wood, leather and many many more.  Polymer clay stays soft and pliable until baked.  Heidi considers this the most forgiving medium that she has ever worked with and she loves how she is still learning something new each and every day.

Bill Dinkins

Bill Dinkins, a local artist, is a new instructor at Mansfield Art Center. He will be teaching youth and adult classes in drawing, watercolor, and pastels. Each class involves demonstrations and plenty of individual instruction to help students succeed in creating work that is both challenging and uniquely original.

Locally, his paintings can be viewed at The Mansfield Art Center's Gallery Shop, Art Space in downtown Mansfield and Coppertop gallery in Loudonville.