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On Display | Main Gallery:

OWS | 37th Annual Ohio Watercolor Society Exhibition | Sept 20 - Oct 25 

Quote from statement by Juror, Mike Bailey, NWS

"Hats Off" to all those painters who entered. As for the award winners, each and every one heralded its presence with arresting power. These select few paintings really show in  a powerful way the extremes of possibility in painting skill and creativity!" 

Meet the Artists: 

Opening Reception |  Saturday, September 20 | 2-4pm

Free workshop demonstrations:

Four different OWS artists from 2-4pm on Sundays: 9/21, 9/28, 10/5, 10/12. No Registration required. 

Above image:
Ted Vassar, Compositional Considerations, Gold Medal Award

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Fall Course Guide:

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Online Registration

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over the phone please call 419.756.1700.

Walk in: Hours of Operation, Tues - Sunday 11-5pm

On Display | First Floor Gallery:

Pam Reed | Inspiration in Fabric | Sept 20 - Oct 25

"This quilt was inspired by the magic required to create a beautiful monarch butterfly...from the small egg found on a milkweed leaf that hatches into a baby caterpillar (larvae)...to the transformation into a chrysalis (pupa) and metamorphosis into an adult butterfly.  I hand painted this quilt to get lighter as you move the left to right to coincide with the butterfly getting ready to fly. The butterflies and all the stages of the butterfly were made by free motion sewing. I added numerous hand embellishments to the quilt."

                                     -Pam Reed

Meet the Artist:
Opening Reception | Saturday, September 20 | 2-4pm

Above image: Pam Reed, 
Nature's Magic Touch, 1st Place, 2008 Art of the Quilt Contest American Sewing Expo (Novi, Michigan) 

Artists' Night Out
 : Thursday, October 16th, 6-8pm | Bring a covered dish to share.

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